Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Why do you not offer any fertilization or chemical treatments?

Due to the extreme start up costs of this service, we do not plan to start that service in the near future. With that said, it could be something we do down the road.



Why does yard maintenance cost so much?

Unfortunately, landscape maintenance can be very expensive due to the amount of material cost and labor as well. To keep your landscape looking at its best you have to spend money on certain things a lot of people forget about. A lot of times people don’t think about all of the details that go into maintaining landscape. It is not just cutting grass. You have things like weeds, shrubbery, tree pruning, and other odds and ends that go into the details.



Why are you letting my lawn get so tall? 

We get this question a lot. The reason behind it is if you cut a lawn too short you damage all disease and weed resistance. Also cutting it short allows it to be less drought tolerant as well. We keep all things in mind when maintaining your yard and treat it as it is ours.



What is the purpose of aerating my lawn?

This is a vital step in a healthy lawn. Lawn aeration allows oxygen and vital nutrients to enter the ground for a strong root system during those hot summer months. For warm season grasses like most southern yard have, its best to do this in the spring to jump start your lawn when coming out of dormancy.